change is the only constant in today's world. 

so, let's built on it!

The future is built by us.

A stimulating place for companies that are shaping the future. An inspiring place to work, learn and live. A place that has everything you need to turn your big ideas into reality.
This place goes by the name in.grid and it’s waiting for you.

The home of innovation.

in.grid is geared towards companies that want to shape the future with innovation. With its flexible usage options, it provides companies, labs and educational institutions with the best possible conditions for lasting success: from modern workspaces to a high-performance data centre and leafy recreational areas with direct access to the Spree. Welcome to a new powerhouse for transformation technology and life science, right in the heart of Spandau. We call it ‘open innovation space’.

The future starts here!

in.grid stands for openness and networking, hence the name. Its grid-like, open-plan structure is not only reflected in the architecture, but also in the way that it seamlessly blends life and work. This is where you can enjoy brainstorming sessions by the Spree River. Where you can bike home along the cycle track. Where you can go to the gym or do a few laps in the pool before work. Where your child can attend the daycare facility around the corner. Where you can have lunch with your team in the rooftop garden. Where you can meet up with friends at a concert or bar in the evening. Welcome to a new Berlin Kiez for pioneers.

The future is green.

in.grid knows the importance of its environment. This starts by including its direct surroundings – as well as everyone else who wants to enjoy this new quarter. But it doesn’t stop there: the entire quarter will be built and operated in a consistently sustainable and ethically responsible way in line with the EU’s Taxonomy Regulation. This means, for example, that the waste heat from the data centre is used to heat the offices on cold days, that sustainable electricity is produced on the rooftops and that the extensive green areas store CO 2 and protect biodiversity.

Five reasons to make this your base:

Any more questions?

in.grid is ideally suited to corporations, companies and educational institutions from the digital transformation and industry 4.0 sectors, as well as labs and development-related production sites. Thanks to its flexible mixed-use development, it also offers many other kinds of tenants – like food & beverage and retail units, etc. – the best possible conditions.

It’s really easy: just get in touch with us! Together, we will discuss your individual needs and come up with the best usage scenario for you.

The two experienced, high-profile companies behind the development of this new quarter are Invesco and KAURI CAB. Further details can be found in our facts.


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